I was lucky enough to recently be interviewed by Domain and thought I would share the article with you. Please note the link to the original article can be found here and was written by CAROLINE JAMES.

Liz Wiggins – one half of Wiggins Keenan – is helping vendors “harmonise” real estate for profitable results.

The mother-of-four is Sydney’s first accredited Feng Shui consultant and licensed real estate agent.

She founded her agency with business partner Justin Keenan in 2016 and says the start-up has been buoyed by her intriguing specialty service.

Domain spoke to Wiggins about how the ancient Chinese philosophy applies to real estate.

Tell us about your unorthodox career path. Feng Shui and real estate seem vastly different fields.

We moved houses a lot when I was young, some good, some not. I think that is when I became interested in how where we live affects us, starting with a book from an aunt.

But it was more a fun hobby, testing things and it kind of grew from there.

When I was pregnant with my fourth child I was a little bored on maternity leave and my husband suggested I study Feng Shui as a profession.

I ended up doing extensive training including with two famous Masters, Master Joseph Yu of Canada and Grand Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong.

I have bought and sold seven of my own properties so have always had an interest in real estate and more importantly I love dealing with people in a positive way so in 2010 I joined McGrath.

Now I have my own business I am really able to gain an edge over other agents because I can incorporate my Feng Shui expertise when working with clients to achieve the maximum sale price in the shortest time possible.

What is Feng Shui?

It is basically the relationship between a person and their environment, about harmonising their energy.

The Chinese believe we have three different types of luck.

There is your heaven luck, so it is true that some people are just born lucky.

There is earth luck, which is where Feng Shui fits, which is about our environment/s and there is man luck, which is how we treat each other.

Each represents about 30 per cent of our life’s total energy.

My job as a consultant is to identify areas of a property where energy may be undesirable and in doing so, suggest ways to resolve this so that luck can be maximised for those people.

How do you do a Feng Shui reading for a property client?

I only ever consult my vendor clients. If a buyer wants a reading I refer them to an independent consultant so there is no conflict of interest.

I need a floor plan, the approximate age of the house and a compass direction before I can assess the property. Then I can come up with a birth chart for the house.

I offer this service to my clients. Now whether people accept it is completely up to them, but it is just something extra I can offer people, another value, and I find there is great interest from the vast majority of people. That interest is growing.

Why do you think homeowners are increasingly interested?

We all know properties that just always seem to struggle. They may have “for lease” signs on them constantly or return to market repeatedly or fail at auction and understandably their owners want to know why and what they can do to change it?

This is where Feng Shui, I believe, offers a different approach to answering these questions.

When we list a property I ensure I Feng Shui it for selling. Therefore I analyse the property and we enhance the positive energies and harmonise any negative ones.

There are certain formulas for selling a house and I focus on that.

Is demand increasing in 2017 for Feng Shui/real estate specialists?

I am the only qualified Feng Shui expert and licensed real estate agent I am aware of in Sydney so it’s probably something most people don’t give much thought to. That being said if you house isn’t selling, Feng Shui could be the answer and as the market shifts and properties linger for longer on the market, I believe more people might open up to the idea.

How has your USP given you an edge? Can you quantify its returns?

The return is in the prices we achieve. We are constantly breaking street, complex and suburb records. I am not sure if it’s the Feng Shui or the fact we are really good negotiators but both, when put together, are proving a winning combination.

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