Seasonal changes affect our moods and vitality. The wood element of spring harnesses our pioneering spirit, inspires fresh ideas for growth and new life, and a sense of moving forward. Combining the influences of spring with some feng shui common sense, could provide the impetus for us to move out, and for others to move in.

Presented well, a home will evoke an awakening upon all senses. This is feng shui. Indescribable in so many words, but it feels right, and creates that first instinct – comfort – creating an emotional attachment in the buyer, even surpassing the boundaries of finance.

Evoking immediate emotional responses, colour is a cost effective way to enliven space prior to selling your home. For hallways, bright yellow stimulates optimism, happiness, and intellect, whilst bright orange stimulates reason and communication. To depict a stabilising, calm and supportive environment choose colours representative of the earth element like mushroom, cream, brown and terracotta. Naturally the fire element is already very strong in all kitchens, so earth shades are most suitable here. Blue hues are soothing and are linked with spirituality, patience and mystery. Whilst blue enlarges a bedroom, bathroom or therapy room, it can arouse suspicion and melancholy, so keep it out of family and dining rooms. Green shades represent the new growth of spring, fertility, harmony, and correspond to the element of wood. Although restful and refreshing they are best kept to the bathroom and conservatory.

Gardens help us achieve personal yin yang equilibrium, disproportionate due to the frantic pace of modern life. And for those seeking a sense of balance, a welcoming outdoor space could well be the deciding factor that tips your property in their favour. When time or budget doesn’t allow a complete garden overhaul, a well cared for selection of potted herbs and spring flowers. The front door is the mouth of your home, where the energy of the home flows in and out. It represents our freedom, access to the outside world, and provides us with protection. The facing direction of the front door forms a critical component in any feng shui consultation, as it indicates what kind of energy the house receives. Though even if unknown, and regardless of what the main door is receiving, it remains extremely important. If energy flow through this door is uninterrupted, it follows that personal projects, progress and relationships will also move along smoothly. Make sure it opens freely and clearly without obstruction.

Unseen resident energies within a house are responsible for those feelings of wanting to run to, or run away from a home. When perfect strangers enter your sacred space with a view to calling it their own, immediate impressions will be formed. Feng shui can help draw buyers in, creating strong emotional connections, influencing decision-making and over riding misgivings. Whilst it’s almost impossible to achieve 100% good feng shui in any building, let alone one that you intend on departing, by curing the more negative energies, and improving the positive, as a vendor, you’re enhancing the value of your property, and tailoring yourself a great advantage at the bargaining table.

Even though these tips will provide valuable assistance in preparing your home for sale in Spring, remember there isn’t a generic feng shui solution that encompasses all homes at all times. So if you are unsure make contact with Liz, embrace the energies that activate our homes, lives, health, wealth, and happiness, and let’s feng shui.

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