In addition to being an awesome real estate agent and someone you definitely want on your team, Liz brings to WigginsKeenan her expertise in Feng Shui.

She is considered to be one of Australia’s Leading Feng Shui Experts and has been passionate about Feng Shui for as long as she can remember, consulting and teaching for the last 18 years and studying for the past 26. This experience has proven to be invaluable and allows Liz to get the maximum sale price in the shortest possible timeframe. Liz constantly achieves above market prices for her clients using her expertise, and there’s no arguing with that!

Creating a positive relationship between a person and their environment is imperative and there are things you can do to ensure the house supports you rather than working against you. When you sell with WigginsKeenan Real Estate,  Feng Shui’ing your home is part of the service we offer if, of course, if you are open to it! Whilst there are some agents saying they know “Feng Shui”, you may want to check their qualifications, because, as far as we are aware, Liz is the only licenced agent and qualified Feng Shui expert working in Sydney real estate.

Most people know within the first few seconds of entering your home whether or not they want to buy it.

It stands to reason then that first impressions are vital. The entranceway is therefore one of the most important areas of the home and should be paid special attention as it holds the first energy people pick up on. You need to ensure it is free from clutter, clean and open.

Ensure all plants are healthy and any water features have clean, fresh water in them. The path to the front door should be spacious and well lit. A curved path is particularly auspicious and wide leafed plants either side of the front door will help to entice the energy in.

The house should be clean and clear so remove all rubbish and clutter from the garden and from each room.

Throw out unwanted goods and fix up all those little things that you’ve been going to get to ‘tomorrow’ – today is the day! Throw the windows open and let the fresh air circulate through your home. Add some fresh flowers, aromatherapy candles and some good music and you are on your way!

The positioning of furniture is vital to energy flow and a few cosmetic changes can make all the difference. Make sure bead heads are against a solid wall and the foot is not in alignment with the door. Try not to have any mirrors or TV’s in the bedroom as this can lead to a restless night’s sleep. Small, simple changes such as this can have a huge impact on people’s impression of your home, and are very easy to implement.  Liz will be able to guide you through the best ways to get the energy flow right in your home to allow you the best possible results when selling your home.