Finding the right tenants

We often get asked if we do property management and yes we absolutely do. Not only do we do it, we do a bloody awesome job at it.

For the team at WigginsKeenan we have been landlords so appreciate the quality of a great tenant. It is imperative that our prospective tenants go through a fantastic screening process but not only that, we also go with our gut feeling. That’s one of the major difference between us and them – our Director Liz Wiggins goes to each open home to meet the prospective tenants and chat to them and get a feel if they would be a good fit for your home.

In addition to finding the right tenants we have found that your price point is imperative when marketing your home. At this point in time we have rented every single property we manage after the very first open home and the main reason for that is we research the price point to ensure we attract the right tenant and start earning you money as soon as possible. We have a strategy for this and it works like a dream.

Another great point of difference is the technology we use. This includes photos, videos, in-going reports, routine inspections, statements, landlord portal, etc, etc. This enables us to keep you, the landlord up to date with anything that needs to be brought to your attention in a timely manner and this includes any repairs and maintenance. We run everything through you, I know if it was my money, I’d want contact first before spending it and that is all it takes, a quick email to let you know the issue, the quote and you can then give the go ahead.

For us it’s very important to look after your tenants and that includes ensuring any issues are addressed asap. We find a happy tenant equals a happy landlord which in turn equals a happy property manager!

So if you would like your property managed as if it were our own, drop us an email or give us a call 0411 434 696.

For the month of November and December we are offering 3 months free management for any new client that signs up!

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