How hard is styling a house for sale and is it worth it?

Honestly, I think the hardest part of styling a house for sale is the actual amount of preparation required for when the stylist brings the furniture in and puts everything together and I cannot emphasis enough the importance of presentation when selling a property. It will literally add tens of thousands of dollars onto your sale price and is one of the single most important things to incorporate and budget for when preparing your house for sale.

We work with a stylist who will come in and recommend what you should keep, what should go and what pieces of furniture and accessories she would recommend for the duration of the sale campaign. She will give you a list room by room of what is required for the lead up to delivery and installation day. Your pieces of furniture can definitely be incorporated and she works with what you have, and sometimes just accessorising is what is required.

The cost can vary depending on the size of the property however generally you would be looking at spending $2,500 – $5,000 and as I mentioned you will get your money back 10, 20 or even 50 fold!

You can definitely style a property yourself however honestly it is something I would and have left to the experts. They are doing this day in and day out and they know what suits certain demographics and areas. Styling a property to sell in the Eastern Suburbs is very different to styling a home in the North West, so the choice of stylist is also important.

Below I have given you some tips that can help get you started, and even if you aren’t selling are still really relevant.

We all have alot of “stuff” but unfortunately this is not want we want buyers to focus on. So if you are thinking about selling anytime in the near future my recommendation would be to start culling! My rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months it needs a new home, and no, not the one you are about to buy! I’ve put together some tips I hope you may find useful.

  1. Start with a drawer, something easy. This will give you motivation to move onto bigger things
  2. Ask yourself “Does this make me feel good? Does it lift my energy? If not, it’s time to go
  3. In reference to clothes, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit. If you lose weight down the track, chances are you’ll go out and buy new stuff that is in fashion.
  4. DVD’s and CD’s. Purchase a case that holds 100, remove the covers and file them with the actual CD and DVD, this will save you a heap of space
  5. If you are old school and still have VHS tapes, think about getting them copied to CD.
  6. Books, if you’re not going to read them again, why not donate to the local library or school.
  7. Old photos. Get them scanned! I did this and it was awesome, plus you don’t have to worry about the photos getting old and faded
  8. Anything broken – get rid of it, if you haven’t fixed it yet, chances are you won’t

So this is all the small stuff, but you would be amazed at how much it all adds up and energetically weighs us down.

Now when it comes to the big items like furniture, you may have to store this in the garage or even hire some storage for the duration of the sale, however wait until the stylist has been through to see what she can work with.

I did a bit of an experiment myself to see how much it would cost to style a bedroom. Now it was definitely a DIY job, no help, and photo from my iphone. (you must have professional photos when selling). What I did have available was a queen size bed and a piece of artwork, but other than that I had to source the rest. Kmart is definitely by store of choice when looking to style a room yourself, really good value and you can use all the stuff at your new home!

The costs were as follows:

2 x bedside tables @ $25 each
2 x bedside lamps @ $30 each (includes globes)
1 x Queen quilt set @ $36
4 x pillows @ $20
1 x fitted sheet @ $16
2 x cushions @ $10 each
1 x thrown @ $14
3 x candles @ $8
1 x fake plant @ $4

Total spend $218

You can also get canvases from Kmart for $14 so there is your artwork covered.


Just remember if you are thinking of selling, please give us a call. Our experience, expertise and passion are no match for any other agent.

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