Looking for a new home?

This is a topic I am very fond of as I am constantly moving houses and am now ready to move again so whilst thinking about what I would like out of my new home I thought it may be a good opportunity to give some pointers about what to be aware of when looking for your new home.

When I was growing up we were constantly on the move. My mum loved renovating and restoring houses and furniture in addition to constantly moving furniture around. Each weekend we would either be looking at homes that were open for inspection or moving the furniture around in the house! I was always amazed at how changing your environment could literally change your life!

It was something I loved and still love to this day. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who also doesn’t mind moving homes! His only condition was that we were no longer to buy the houses, but rather rent so we would save on costs such as stamp duty!! To be honest I was never keen to rent. After purchasing my first home at 19 I loved that the space was mine to do what I wanted. Since that time I have bought and sold many properties and just over 2 years ago decided to give renting a try. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

Within two weeks of deciding to move we had rented out our place and moved into our new home. We loved it, but did the Feng Shui work?

It was a very interesting experiment. We spent the day looking at properties and nothing really grabbed our fancy, until we took a wrong turn. We saw a “for lease” sign stopped out the front and my husband and I both looked at each other and said “This is it”.

The form school was fantastic. What I mean by that is the natural landforms were very well positioned and the Flying Stars well supported. In regards to the block of land from a Form school perspective there are a few general points to consider. When looking directly at the house from the front what you see can symbolise what you may experience in this house.

  • The Black Tortoise is located at the back of your home
  • Green Dragon is to the right of the house
  • White tiger to the left
  • Red Bird in front

Therefore if you cannot see anything behind your house, such as tall trees, building etc it suggests you may feel unsupported especially from superiors at work.

The landforms to the right of the house should be smaller than the Black Tortoise but larger than the white tiger. The green dragon provides the occupants with the motivation and drive to go out and make something of their lives. No green dragon can represent the occupants being lazy and unmotivated.

You then have the white tiger on the left hand side which should be smaller than the green dragon. It provides the occupants with the ability to relax and rest. No white tiger can indicate that life is all work and no play!

The red bird is located at the front of the house and symbolically represents opportunities that come into one’s life. You should be able to see beyond the red bird when looking out of the house and the path to your entry should be clear and inviting to allow these opportunities to enter easily.

Landforms are very important in Traditional Feng Shui and MUST be analysed in conjunction with the “Flying Stars”. Whilst the flying stars are very important they must be analysed with the forms to determine their strength and to help ascertain if the occupants can take advantage of them.

One other point to consider with form school is that the forms need to be attractive. For example you may have a large mountain behind your home which generally speaking indicates good Feng Shui, if the mountain is sharp and jagged this could actually have the opposite effect on the occupants and in fact cause them harm.

So my first port of call is always looking at the landforms around the property and the river of Qi and it’s ability to enter the home. Once I am satisfied with this I then look at the Flying Stars to determine if they are going to support my goals and that of my family at this time.

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