Maximising Your Home’s Selling Value

When selling your home, we know that your number one priority is maximising your home’s value. If you want to know the secret to getting more for your home on auction day, we’re here to help with that. One of the best ways to ensure you sell your home quicker and increase your profits exponentially is by having your home immaculately presented. If you want to know why property styling can have such a major impact, we’ve identified three ways it can help you sell for more.

Emotional connection

The most important factor to consider when selling your property is what it represents to potential buyers. Buyers are looking for more than just a property, they are looking for a lifestyle too, and the way a property is presented should appeal to this. Home stagers can help you narrow down what it is you are looking to say to the market. By developing a polished, cohesive aesthetic buyers can easily make an emotional connection, as visualising themselves in the space has become a lot easier. Providing a living scenario through a well-furnished space also creates a feeling of home. This is extremely important in a slow market as it will no doubt serve as a strong point of difference, letting your place stand out from the crowd. In turn this will drive competition, and consequently a better end result.

Attract a broader market

It goes without saying that mass appeal opens the door to a better result on auction day. The goal of presenting your property to the market is to appeal to as many different buyers as possible. This means your property needs to be versatile and make a fantastic first impression. Unfortunately, while your style might make you swoon, you can’t be sure the public will feel the same. Leave it to the experts, property stylists have the years of experience. The right understanding of market demographics, local market conditions, current interior design trends and what appeals to a wider range of buyers’ tastes. Remember, they aren’t here to just make your property look beautiful, they’re there to contribute to the sale by styling appropriately to the market.

Enhancing the best features

Everyone knows that focusing on your property’s best attributes goes without saying. But what can you do to present your home in a positive way? First and foremost think about how you are arranging your floor plan. Maximising your space and having a good flow from one room to another is crucial. If the style of the furniture and the layout is wrong, this can turn buyers away. Property stylists have the expertise to know what works best for each home and how to highlight the features that will set your place at the forefront of buyers minds.

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