Well yesterday we had our first lot of open homes and they were awesome! We had the best day, finally getting out and meeting buyers, informing them about our awesome properties and basically just having a really great time. We had so much positive feedback from buyers about the brand and going out on our own, so that definitely put a smile on already happy faces.

We started with the blowing up the helium balloons and I am sure the neighbours thought there was gun shot fire when I lost a few in the early hours on Saturday morning. Unfortunately I had no idea I had blown them up way too much, however after we lost a few  (the remains of which happen to have ended up on my walls and ceiling) we had some fun letting the helium out!


We had our lollies, balloons, flags, music, candles and of course our colourful and attention grabbing pointer signs. There was no way any passer by was going to miss seeing our properties.

Let the show begin! We had our three open homes with an average of 20 or so groups through. Lots of contracts requested, and really just a brilliant start to all of our properties campaigns. So if you want to get an idea of how we conduct our open homes, communicate and follow up with buyers, then just attend one of our open homes and mystery shop us, we’d love to show you what proactive and awesome agents we are.


And if you happen to be considering selling your property, even if it’s just the early stages, you really have to get us in and have a chat, it’s a no brainer and you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have the skills, training, experience, expertise, energy and we own the business so can work around anything. We would absolutely love the opportunity and look forward to hearing from you so give is a call on 02 8188 8989 or email.


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