While the most important factors in the relationship are the client and the property, it is good to know about the people that are going to help you navigate the journey.

Our team is a family and we look at our clients as partners in that team. We don’t want to be your real estate agent – we want to work with you, as a cohesive unit, to help you reach your ultimate goal. Whether that be selling your property, or buying a new one, WigginsKeenan is passionate about getting the absolute best result for every client.

Liz Wiggins

Director & Principal

Mobile: 0411 434 696 | Email: liz@wigginskeenan.com.au

Liz has spent the last 20 years learning, teaching and consulting in Feng Shui, and didn’t enter the real estate industry until the age of 40. This is vastly out of step with most real estate agents who get into the game in their early 20’s – and she is so grateful for that. Not only can Liz bring those skills to real estate but she has had many life experiences, both in property and in her personal life, which ensure she can connect with her clients in a truly unique way.

Liz has bought and sold over 10 properties personally, and this experience alone has shaped her approach to clients. It meant she knew exactly what she didn’t want to be. She had the unfortunate experience of dealing with an agent who was everything you wouldn’t want to work with, and this sparked a determination to bring something different to the table. Liz understands the emotional roller coaster that buying or selling a property could become, and aims to create a stress free experience for every client.

Justin Keenan

Director & Principal

Mobile: 0405 537 760 | Email: justin@wigginskeenan.com.au

Creating a customer-centric real estate brand with people that share Justin’s passion for real estate, and his values, has been a goal since starting out in real estate 10 years ago. He simply loves property and is excited to be able to change people’s perception of real estate agents. Referrals are the highest form of flattery in Justin’s eyes, and it is evident why he gets so many. Justin is truly focused on creating the ultimate customer experience for everyone he deals with, often speaking on the phone daily during the process of buying or selling a home, and in many instances keeping up the relationship long after the deal is done.

Justin started in sales and marketing in the Aviation industry but was so passionate about property that he decided to turn his skills to the thing he loves most. After buying and selling numerous properties of his own, Justin knew what worked and what he didn’t like within the industry. He moved forward with 6 years at one of the largest independents in the area before spending 4 years with McGrath, all the while driven by Sir Richard Branson’s mantra – “Be fair in all your dealings, don’t cheat but aim to win.”

JackieSenior Sales Consultant
ChristineSenior Sales Consultant
GeorgiaJunior Sales Consultant
MichaelProperty Management
KobieOffice Manager & Director
DavidDirector & Licensed Real Estate Agent

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