I have found this to be so true when selling real estate. Whilst great presentation works wonders, incorporating Feng Shui ensures the balance of elements and seems to have a major impact on the selling time and also the ultimate sales price of a property.

I have been analysing the homes I have been selling and whilst some have what is considered “terrible” Feng Shui, some subtle remedies incorporating the five elements are having a major impact on the results.

Those homes that are on the market longer than normal always seem to have an obstacle relating to Feng Shui. It can be an simple as the placement of a wind chime, some Chinese coins or a water feature.

It’s interesting as many will comment that the “property just feels good” and yet no one can really put their finger on why – I believe it comes down to the Feng Shui. It works with a one bedroom unit up to a multi million dollar home. Working with the five elements creates harmony and we as people pick up on it.

As a qualified, experienced and classically trained Feng Shui expert I have a benefit that no other real estate agent can offer which is probably why I have a 100% success rate with over 76% of my sales achieving record prices.

Below I have some general tips and hints to help prepare your home however these should be used in addition to a qualified and experienced Feng Shui Consultant who will work to ensure the Feng Shui works to support the sale of your property rather than work against it.

Dusting cobwebs from light fittings, cleaning carpets and adding a fresh coat of paint on bathroom ceilings can make a big difference to making your home look its best inside in addition to the most important and inexpensive factor, which is clearing clutter! This can have a huge impact in the sale of your property.

Outside, jobs like weeding garden beds, water blasting the driveway and repairing surface cracks of brickwork or paths can give your home an edge over others on offer – not to mention a spruce of colour in the right place! Feng Shui has a lot to offer to facilitate a successful sale. Feng Shui remedies such as these can bring a house alive: The entrance is the most important area when selling a home so ensure it is as attractive as possible and follow these general tips:

  • A fresh, clean welcome mat at the front door.
  • Indoor plants and outdoor planter boxes or pots can lift the energy of a space and are great placed on either side of the front door.
  • Pretty flowers in the front garden are always a lovely touch.
  • Ensuring the path to the main entry is clean and well lit. This includes cutting back any over head branches and really opening up the space.
  • Clean your windows – this signifies a clear vision
  • A vase of fresh flowers in the entry to greet the prospective buyers. They look and smell great bringing Sheng Qi (positive energy) into the space.
  • Removing the clutter of personal nic knacks that may be nice to you but don’t set the right tone for a prospective buyer. Clearing clutter also helps with any emotional blockages that you may be having about moving house.
  • A metal wind chime in the front garden will help harmonise any challenging energy.
  • Ensure all water features are clean and flow well otherwise this may be having a negative impact as stagnant water is not good.
  • Fix any leaking taps – this signifies money going down the drain
  • Clean your stove – this can have a great impact on your finances and you’d be amazed at how many people open the stove when inspecting a house.
  • If your property is vacant – I highly recommend a professional stylist – however ensure they speak to a Feng Shui consultant to ensure the colours and elements they are using supports the Feng Shui of the property. If they use red in the wrong area it could be disastrous

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