Preparing your garden when looking to sell

With only a few days of winter left and not a lot of rain our gardens could be looking a little tired. So if you are thinking of selling there are 10 tips to help you prepare to ensure the garden looks the best it can, even on a tight budget.

  1. Get rid of any clutter. This includes stuff stored behind the shed and even in the shed as it ensures that prospective buyers can see how much storage there is available.
  2. Clean out your leaves and this includes gutters, drains and just the yard in general – sweep away any remnants of winter
  3. Remove any weeds, especially from paving and driveways. If you don’t want to go to the pain staking removal manually – try some of the weed killing products available as sometimes trying to pull weeds out of concrete can be back breaking work.
  4. Fertilise any lawn and garden beds and ensure that you keep it watered.
  5. Trim bushes, dead branches and also your lawn. Of course ensure that you don’t cut any new growth off! But regularly mowing your lawn and ensuring your edges are done gives a great first impression.
  6. Using mulch is a fantastic way to freshen up your garden beds and keep the weeds away. Our recommendation is to stay away from the “red” coloured mulch, instead op for a dark brown. This will provide a consistent texture through your garden, and help to hide empty or unkempt patches.
  7. Plant coloured flowers close to the front entrance in pots or along garden beds. Look for plants that will be in bloom during your selling period, everyone loves coloured flowers and they just lift the energy of a property.
  8. Get your hard services pressure washed. Now this can be addictive if you decide to it yourself so don’t get carried away! But seriously pressure washing your paths, entertaining areas and driveways will have you wondering why you didn’t do it earlier
  9. Fix little defects such as dripping taps or broken gates, and ensure any fencing or other outside areas do not need to be re-painted.
  10. Clean your windows inside and out. Whilst not technically part of the garden you want to ensure you can see the garden clearly from inside!

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