Quality v’s Quantity

Are you thinking about selling and trying to decide on an agent? If so, this may help you in your choice.

You may find that finding a good agent can actually be hard work, as you need to meet them, listen to them talking themselves up, and then getting pressured to sign on the dotted line.

Selling a house can be super stressful and emotional so choosing the right agent can mean more money in your pocket, and my more I mean tens of thousands…….so it’s definitely worth ensuring you make the right choice.

What we find is that you will have either one or two agents in your area that sell the majority of properties so your default is normally just to go with them because they have “all the buyers”. However rather than looking a the quantity they have sold – how about looking at the actual result…..the sales price they achieved.

It sounds simple enough however it’s amazing how many people don’t – they just assume that a sold = success.

If you think about it, more properties to sell mean your agent might not be attending your actual open home, or even calling your buyers. So you are leaving your result to assistants who normally don’t have the expertise in negotiation or asking the right questions to potential buyers – once again potentially costing you thousands.

A good saying to remember is “Buyers don’t follow agents, they follow houses”.

Below I have included a list of things to look out for if you are looking to choose an agent:

  1. I recommend getting 3 agents to come out and see you.
  2. Check out their sold prices in comparison to others in the immediate area. Always remember to look at the property, floorplan, location, date and land size as you don’t want to be comparing a sold price of a 4 or 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on 1000sqm with a 3 bed, 1bath on 600sqm.
  3. Make sure they have great marketing including photos and floorplan as this is the first thing buyers see on the internet before deciding to visit the home.
  4. Prior to calling them in just call them on their mobile and have a chat with them. Any agent worth a pinch of salt should give you their time to assist where they can.
  5. Go to their open homes and check out how they interact with buyers – are they even at the open home?
  6. Trust them – you need to choose an agent that you feel has your best interest at heart. This can be a hard one as you can get bamboozled with “sale talk” and never ending promises, trust your gut and also check out testimonials – better yet ask the agent for their previous vendors number and call them to confirm you are making the right decision.
  7. Don’t fall for agents who bad mouth other agents. It’s a super competitive industry and unfortunately there are agents out there that make up lies about other agents to plant doubt in your mind and it helps them to secure a deal. If you hear something about an agent that worries you – then bring it up with that particular agent, you’ll know straight away by their response if it’s true or not.
  8. Another easy way to make the wrong decision is choosing the agent that tells you the highest price – they are just buying the listing. They should be providing you with comparable sales and this includes properties sold within the immediate area and within the last 6months.
  9. Don’t fall for the sign now pressure, there is no rush. Meet the 3 agents and then make your decision, the agent who you choose will come over at any hour to sign the agency.
  10. We have a buyer…….yep we all do. Oldest line in the book. This goes back to buyers following properties not agents.

At WigginsKeenan we love what we do and are super competitive so achieving the highest price is in our nature, we can’t help but achieve it.

If you want an agent that will 100% look out for your best interests, be transparent, honest and most importantly get the most money in our pocket that please give either Liz or Justin a call.

Liz Wiggins 0411 434 696 | Justin Keenan 0405 537 760

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