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Need someone to always keep an eye on your property? WigginsKeenan Property Management is the answer! Call us today!

When you appoint WigginsKeenan as your property manager, you’ll see and experience a highly professional organisation launch into action.

A team that  is 100% focused on achieving the best possible result for you.

Our business is based on a strong set of core values.We live and breathe real estate and the local area.

We know the market intimately and are constantly promoting the area’s unique lifestyle benefits and investment opportunities.

So why should you choose WigginsKeenan to rent your property? Here is what we believe sets us apart…

We stake our reputation on our ability to forge long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships.

Communication is paramount to a successful rental process and with our Landlord Login it means you can check in 24×7 to see how your investment is tracking. WigginsKeenan are always available to ensure piece of mind. We know that this is one of your biggest assets and should be treated as such.

Both Liz Wiggins and Justin Keenan have been landlords and tenants, they know both sides of the coin and know the importance of great communication. This experience has enabled them to ensure they have the very best polices, procedures and the most up to date systems to ensure a smooth ride for all parities involved.

Nobody knows our area like we do. We have lived in the local area for 25 years+ and we know the benefits, the transport, the schools, the shops, the location, everything!

We have also rented in the area and believe our 15 years in business is testament to the insight and quality advice we are able to provide our landlords and tenants.

So how do we do this?

There are several ways including choosing the right tenant. Anyone who has rented out their property will know the choice of tenant is paramount and can ensure smooth sailing throughout your tenancy, however, it should be noted that this also applies to choosing the right landlord! Having a landlord that will approve repairs and ensure the property is maintained will end up savings themselves thousands of dollars in the long run.

Quality marketing is used to ensure we  attract the right type of tenants to each property but at the same time ensuring fantastic value for money.

We run a business and we know how to be profitable and this works its way through how we will manage your property. Having the right tenants, tradespeople, software and systems in place is paramount to ensure you experience the very best property management ever!

We are one of the newest agencies in Sydney’s North West and this has enabled us to have a completely new and fresh approach to real estate. The energy from the directors and all our staff is infectious, and this only benefits landlords and tenants. Given we have absolutely no restrictions put upon us we are able to use innovative, exciting and superior techniques to deliver outstanding results in all aspects of property management.

We think we are pretty tech savy so this has enabled us to test the best and most updated property management systems to ensure we are efficient and all communication is recorded in real time. As landlords you will be able to login and see photos and descriptions of repairs required, quotes, statements, inspection reports, once again including photos so you are not left wondering what you’ll be left with at the end of the tenancy.

Please click on the image below to see a preview of our Landlord Portal:

We believe in transparency and clarity. Nothing should be “secret”. We share information and develop relationships built on trust. Our ethical approach underpins our business.

We specialise in serving Epping, Eastwood, Denistone, North Epping, West Ryde and all surrounding suburbs.

If you’re thinking about renting out your property, or would simply like to know what rental price your property could achieve in the current market, please use the form below to get in touch.

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Epping, Eastwood, Denistone, North Epping, West Ryde and all surrounding suburbs.


P.O. Box 68, Epping NSW 2121


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