Why Sell With Us?

The question is why wouldn't you sell with us? We constantly break records and have incredible testimonials from our clients. What more could you want?

Anyone can sell real estate in the Sydney market.........

However the right agent can mean the difference of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in YOUR pocket!

Below is a blurb about why you would choose WigginsKeenan however in a nutshell it comes down to three things:

  1. Marketing
  2. Communication
  3. Negotiation 

The best thing to do is give us a call, email or text and we can either come out in person or get together on zoom to just have a chat about what YOU are looking or in an agent…..other than the best price!

We stake our reputation on our ability to forge long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships.

Communication is paramount to a successful sales process and we hope that you get sick of hearing from us rather then wondering where we have disappeared to!

All of our vendors have access to our vendor portal 24 x 7 which is updated in real time about what the buyers think about your property and any other feedback they might have. There is nothing worse than wondering what is happening with one of the biggest transactions you’ll ever experience.

We are available 24×7 to the clients who entrust with the sale of their home, lying in bed wondering about any aspect of the sales process? Well then pick up the phone or send us an email and we’ll put your mind at ease.

We have bought and sold many of our own properties so we get the anxiety and stress that comes with selling. Our job is to take this on board and make sure your experience is as stress free as possible and once again, this comes from great communication.

Being in control is paramount when selling. You need all the information to ensure you make the right decision. Our job is to market the property, guide you, negotiate with the buyer and put forward our recommendation to you. We will never pressure you ….. ever.

Nobody knows our area like we do. We have lived in the local area for 25 years+ and we know the benefits, the transport, the schools, the shops, the location, planning controls, absolutely everything!

Bus routes, the different train stations, short cuts and the tricks that only a local is aware of.

This is super important and cannot be underestimated. Our team are highly trained in negotiation to ensure every dollar goes into your pocket. Anyone with a pulse can stand upright at your front door and take names and numbers, however what you need is a team that is passionate about the negotiation process. This is probably one of the most exciting parts for us as we know it can be the difference between a result and an amazingly awesome result!

We have seen the property market fluctuations and have worked in a market like we are currently experiencing which is why we are one of the only agents who actually sell all the property we list. We believe our 25 years in business is testament to the insight and quality advice we are able to provide our clients. This is super important. A lot of the young guns have joined the industry when the times were good and we are now are really excited to show off our negotiating expertise to our awesome clients. One buyer or twenty buyers – our process is the same…..negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

You will constantly hear agents talking about “their” databases and contacts. Try not to fall for that line. We all have databases and the ability to capture contacts from any open home, email or phone enquiry ensures that we all have databases. There is however no point having 10,000 people in your database if every time you send out a property alert 5,000 people bounce back and never get updated!

Our database is constantly updated and cleaned so we know when we send out our off market property alerts or new listings alerts that they are going to people who are actually interested in the information they are receiving.

In addition to this realestate.com.au and domain.com.au are the two largest real estate databases and we have all that information at the tip of our finger tips.

Facebook and Instagram are awesome to incorporate into your marketing and if there is one thing we are bloody good at, it’s marketing combined with social media. We paid for your property to be targeted to specific people looking to buy property in the area you are selling!

So yes, we have all the contacts you need to make sure we get every man and his dog to your property if they are thinking of buying!

Whilst we have been in business for five year, we are still one of the newest agencies in Sydney and this has enabled us to have a completely new and fresh approach to real estate. The energy from the directors and all our staff is infectious, and this only benefits buyers and sellers. Given we have absolutely no restrictions put upon us we are able to use innovative, exciting and superior property marketing techniques to deliver outstanding results.

We are constantly changing and improving our brand which in turn attracts buyers to our properties.

No-one in our local area is a Feng Shui expert and as good as Liz Wiggins in this domain.

Wonder why we sell all our properties? Think it’s just a coincidence? No way. We believe energy has a massive impact on the successful sale of your property and this starts from the moment we meet you! We attract clients that are attracted to our personal and business energy, we radiate positivity and that is so important when selling what is possibly your biggest asset.

And this is where Feng Shui comes in. For those who aren’t aware, Feng Shui is the relationships with people and their environment and this couldn’t be more important than when someone steps into your home. We want them to walk in and think “this place feels like home”, this is an emotional buyer who will always pay more than an investor who is only interested in the figures adding up.

Our ability to Feng Shui your property prior to marketing ensures we have all bases covered and we have the property working for you rather than against you.

Just a word of caution – just because an agent is Chinese doesn’t mean they know anything about Feng Shui. For more information regarding Feng Shui visit Feng Shui Living.

We believe in transparency and clarity. Nothing should be “secret”. We share information and develop relationships built on trust. Our ethical approach underpins our business.

We go to sleep at night knowing we have done absolutely everything in our power to ensure our client experiences a favourable outcome. Our aim is for you to love working with us and we will do everything we can to ensure that.

We constantly achieve record prices in Epping, Eastwood, Denistone, North Epping, West Ryde and all surrounding suburbs.

Thinking of selling? Wondering what your home is worth? Then please get in touch. You can call, email, text or fill out the form below!

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