Shocked – Not Shocked – Property Management in Sydney

My 23year old son moved out of home a number of years ago with a few mates and whilst the house is a knock down (it’s a villa site), being 3 young guys it was really the only option they had when looking to rent for the first time. As they are all fully qualified tradesmen (electrician, carpenter and plumber) they have made improvements to the house over the years, given the landlord is not willing to spend any money. Unfortunately the agent was terrible and trying to get anything fixed was a nightmare and was never seen too – this included a major water leak in the wall leading to excess water bills of over $500. Whilst my son is a plumber, I advised him not to touch anything in case it lead to more serious issues – they tried for months to get it fixed and in the end the owner changed managing agents and the issue was fixed. This was just one thing of many, that the tenants have had to endure whilst renting and being their first rental they just “put up” with stuff. Trust me, as a control freak, I hate seeing and hearing about these issues, but I can just give advice based on my experience in the industry.

My son has now decided to move out with his partner to a one bedroom apartment and this is where it was confirmed to me about the lack of service/respect property management staff have for potential renters.

I personally enquired on a number of properties for them to find out details such as availability and inspection times. NOT ONE returned my call and only one returned an email – this was also a generic email which didn’t actually answer my enquiry. We then went to some inspections and honestly they were treated terribly – just rude. We then turned up to one particular rental for a 3pm inspection. It was 2.50pm and we were waiting outside with another couple, the agent came down and said she didn’t have the correct keys and the inspection was cancelled – the property manager would call them to arrange another inspection time. She then just took off – never waiting for the 3-3.15pm inspection time …… I felt sorry for the potential tenants who would turn up and have no explanation as to why there was no one to show them the property. Of course a call was never received.

This is just not good enough. How do these companies obtain property listings for rental with this type of service? It really leaves me perplexed and really frustrated. That being said there of course are great property management staff / companies out there, you just want to make sure you are choosing one of them! My son and his partner were successful with one property they applied for and that particular agent was very lovely.

This is one of your biggest assets yet the staff looking after them are normally young and inexperienced and this is mainly due to the pay being terrible in property management and it’s not a glamorous job. In addition to this with the big companies they will send out more of a sales type of person to sell the vendor how great their property management department is – only to then be passed onto several people who you will never meet that deal with your property. This is from leasing it, inspecting it and managing it.

The most important thing when we rent properties out is the choice of the tenant. A good tenant is worth their weight in gold. As mentioned I am control freak so therefore look after every part of our property management. This includes:

  1. Meeting with you and discussing what we have to offer and why you would be crazy not to use us
  2. Taking the photos with a professional photographer with me onsite
  3. Completing the listing for you to approve
  4. Arranging inspections and open times (I am always present at every inspection)
  5. Taking applications – I make notes when at the open homes so I can cross reference when I receive the applications)
  6. Forward applications to you with my recommendations
  7. Complete all references myself
  8. Complete in-going inspection report
  9. Liaise with tenants
  10. Conduct periodical inspections
  11. Do the accounts
  12. All repairs are actioned within a 24hr period
  13. Actually answer my phone when you call or at the very least call you back immediately after my appointment!

We have an online portal for both tenants and owners so they can login at anytime to see where their rent is paid up to, any repairs that need approval, etc.

We are a small boutique business and have no desire to be a massive company. We have backup if required but as a workaholic, and the fact I love what I do, your property will never been in better hands! So if you are thinking about renting your property out and want someone to look after it, like it’s their own, then get in contact.

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