So how do we do it?

This particular property (9 Jupp Place Eastwood) was listed with another agency for approximately four months and received zero offers through out the auction campaign and after.

It had a rest from the market for about 6 weeks and then we, at WigginsKeenan, relaunched it.

After the first open home, we had another auction not far away which was  a huge success and of course we had some disappointed under bidders. Unlike many agents we try extremely hard to  ensure we offer the very best customer service to our vendors in addition to our buyers. So rather than just wave the under bidders off we mentioned the property in Jupp Pl, and interestingly one of them had not seen it due to the fact they had their heart set on the property being auctioned. So we told them the details and they proceeded to drive outside, liked it so much, they inspected the inside and contracts were exchanged the same day.

There are various factors at play here :

  1. Always offering the very best in customer service, especially in an industry where agents think they are better than the buyers
  2. Ensuring our team is fully educated about every property we sell. Whilst one property they are inspecting might not be the house for them, we may have others coming onto the market, or in different areas they may have never considered
  3. We are always available.  We live and breathe real estate. It may sound cliché, but we love what we do and if that means getting a deal done at 11pm at night, on a Sunday, or taking a drive to Hawks Nest, we do it and have done it!
  4. The right strategy is imperative. We have over 20 years experience in buying and selling real estate, we’ve worked with great brands, and received amazing training and opportunities. This has led to where we are now. Owning our own business and smashing it! Our results speak for themselves and our selling strategy is a major key to our success.
  5. Negotiation. Anyone that can stand upright and has a pulse can sell property but having negotiating skills is what sets us apart and also sets our results apart.
  6. Timing is super important. We just don’t tell potential clients to sell for the sake of it. Timing can have a big impact on price, so we make recommendations on when to sell.
  7. This is something we are awesome at (if we do say so ourselves). Owning our own business gives us the freedom to market how we need to and ensure  our properties get fantastic exposure. We think out of the box, we want to be different, we want to draw attention to our properties. As I write this I notice I mention “our” properties, and this brings me to my next point……..
  8. We will never recommend something that we would not do ourselves. We have bought, sold and rented many properties so we personally know and have experienced the emotional stress involved in buying and selling and this cannot be underestimated. Put simply we don’t bullshit you. We are honest with our feedback and recommendations.
  9. Feng Shui, Some people may roll their eyes but we sell every single property that we Feng Shui and there is no other Sydney agent qualified to do this except our own director and principle Liz Wiggins. Not selling? Seriously you are mad not to get us in. Your house may be awesome, but is not selling, you’re not getting much feedback and things are really frustrating. Your agent can’t explain why buyers don’t want to buy your property, it’s something they can’t put their finger on. If this is you, then we are your answer. Please don’t let Chinese agents tell you they know Feng Shui because unless they can prove it, they actually probably have as much idea about Feng Shui are you do. Check out Liz’s experience at
  10. Positive energy. We approach the marketing of our  properties with positivity, so much so that we normally want to buy the properties ourselves! Seriously, this energy cannot be faked. Just visit our open homes to see how we do things differently.
  11. We are a team. This term gets thrown around the industry and I can tell you from experience greed & ego kills team work, something that is prevalent in our industry. WigginsKeenan are a TEAM, we are family and all our staff are treated as such. We have all worked together for years and will never take anyone on who doesn’t value being an integral part of a team.

The points above are just a small part of why we sell our properties and achieve amazing results for our vendors, in addition to how we have success selling properties that other agencies can’t.

Call us in for a chat. Not everyone will fit with our brand or us and that’s ok, but it can’t hurt to talk about how we can offer you an awesome selling experience!

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