Two months in already – you be the judge

The last day of summer……already? I am sure many like myself are somewhat relived with the cooler weather we have experienced this past week or so. School is back in full force, holidays are forgotten and we are all looking forward to the Easter break!

With two months gone we have been really busy in the current market. Buyers are buying and sellers are selling!

We have sold six properties so far this year, with two current quality listings and another two commencing next week. Our results have been outstanding (if we do say so ourselves) and this comes down to our awesome marketing, incredible negotiating skills and the energy we bring to each listing.  An example of this is:

  1. 12 Arkena Ave Epping – 4bed, 2bath, 2 garage, 796.7sqm with 24m wide frontage – SOLD $1.19m
  2. 2 Arkena Ave Epping – 3bed, 2bath, 2 carport, 796.7sqm with 24m wide frontage – SOLD $1.37m

These two properties were on the market at the exact same time, exact same land size, shape and street (they actually backed onto each other). Yet WigginsKeenan sold their property for an additional $180k. Granted, it took us an extra 5 weeks to sell ours, but at an extra $36k a week, I have no doubt the wait was worth it.

Auction results have been steady with the last 3 weeks showing that vendors are now meeting the market and buyers are seeing value. Still a lot of negativity in the media, but I feel people are now somewhat numb from the same type of article being re-hashed day after day. So if you are thinking of selling – just give is a call or email, it costs nothing to get our opinion which is always straight forward and no nonsense so you can make an informed life decision – you be the judge!

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