Virtual Market Appraisals For Sales and Rentals

People still need to buy, sell or rent - no matter what the market.

Not keen on having agents walk around your home but still need to know what your house is worth to sell or rent?

This is a new era for all of us and no matter what the circumstances, people still need to transact in real estate. It could be to sell, buy or rent and whichever predicament you find yourself in, we are here to assist you wherever we can.

If you have a smart phone or tablet, we can connect with you via various applications, including:

  • Facetime
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Viber
  • Instagram
  • WeChat
If there is another app you’d prefer to use – just let us know!

By taking us on a virtual tour of the property, we will be able to discuss recent sales and comparable homes, in addition to the options for marketing and commission.

Every day the recommendations regarding Covid-19 are changing, so we will continue to look at new ways to transact and show homes. We are very lucky that WigginsKeenan are at the forefront of technology, and can implement new procedures immediately.

An example of this is that all of our legal documents can be signed electronically. There is no need for pens or paper, and it can all take place over email.

Looking for recommendations on how to improve the value of your home?

Now that we are experiencing lockdown, there is no better time to get to those jobs you’ve been putting off. Even if you’re not planning to rent or sell your property, nothing feels better than a clutter-free home. 

Clutter signifies worry, and prevents one from being focused. With what is going on in the world, we really need to minimise this as much as possible. 

The best place to start is with something easy. Pick a drawer – even just a sock drawer. Get rid of any odd socks or those with holes, or the ones you will never wear again. You will find that once you start, it can sometimes even become addictive. You’ll end up with more space, which won’t hurt if we are locked down for an extended amount of time!

It is said that having clutter on top of your cupboards signifies pressure from above. You may feel that you are carrying a heavy load on your shoulders. Having clutter on the floor can lead to feelings of sadness and loneliness, as the clutter drags your energy down. 

If you need some inspiration, check out Marie Kondo. Does an item spark joy? If not, it might be time to let it go. 

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a house. Look at the entrance with fresh eyes. Does the garden need weeding? Is the fence in good repair? What does your front door look like? Is it hard to open the door – does it get stuck? If so, you might find you are missing opportunities that may be trying to come your way.

What are you greeted with when you walk in the front door? Did you know that most people make up their mind about buying a house in the first few minutes of entering a home? 

  • Outside, jobs like weeding garden beds, water blasting the driveway and repairing surface cracks of brickwork or paths can give your home an edge over others on offer. A splash of colour in the right place can also work wonders!
  • A fresh, clean welcome mat at the front door is a great idea.
  • Indoor plants and outdoor planter boxes or pots can lift the energy of a space and are great when placed on either side of the front door.
  • Pretty flowers in the front garden are always a lovely touch.
  • Ensure the path to the main entry is clean and well lit. This includes cutting back any overhead branches and really opening up the space.
  • Clean your windows – this signifies a clear vision.
  • Place a vase of fresh flowers in the entry to greet the prospective buyers. They look and smell great, and can bring positive energy into the space.
  • Removing any personal knick-knacks that may be nice to you but don’t set the right tone for a prospective buyer. Clearing personal clutter also helps with any emotional blockages that you may be having about moving house.
  • Ensure all water features are clean and flow well, as stagnant water can have a negative impact.
  • Fix any leaking taps, as they can otherwise signify money going down the drain.
  • Clean your stove – this can have a great impact on your finances and you’d be amazed at how many people open the stove when inspecting a house.
  • If your property is vacant – we highly recommend a professional stylist. We have one on hand if you need a professional recommendation!
  • It is ideal to keep the bedroom clean, tidy and free of clutter. This includes having neat wardrobes as any clutter in wardrobes is still clutter. Also, do not have things under the bed if it can be avoided.
  • Lighting should be soft and ambient. Instead of using ceiling lights, lamps create more gentle lighting and better ambiance in the room.   
  • A beautiful picture that entices you to get out of bed and go into the world to do something positive with your life is considered to be very auspicious in a bedroom. 
  • If you can, place the bed against a solid wall so that when you are lying in it you can see the entrance to the room.

The majority of us are now working from home and if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated study, you can take advantage of the follow tips:

  • The ideal position of a desk is where there is a solid wall reasonably close behind you when you are seated at the desk. The wall acts as your support while you work. Without this, you might feel unsupported and find it harder to concentrate. It is considered auspicious to hang any qualifications, awards, certifications etc on this wall so that you are supported by your knowledge while you work at the desk. 
  • Sitting in direct alignment with the door is considered to be inauspicious as one can be more easily distracted in this position. 
  • While seated at the desk, ideally you have a view of the door. Being able to see the door while seated at your desk symbolically gives a sense of being in control of your work.
  • You should also be able to see the whole room from your desk to symbolise that you have mastery over all that you do. It is said that this will help you to think more clearly, help with judgment and with being well-respected by people.
  • Preferably, from your seat you can see out of a window so that you can have natural light and a pleasant or inspiring view.
  • If you sit facing a wall, it symbolically relates to having a lack of vision or blockage of vision in relation to your work

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