Why selling in Winter is a great idea!

It’s cold and you feel like staying under your doona all day, right? Well if you are looking for a property to buy this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you are seriously looking to buy, from when you wake until when you sleep you are trawling through realestate.com.au or domain online checking to see what properties have been listed and noting when the first opportunity is you can view them.

We know this because when we list a property and upload it to the internet, we literally start to get enquiries immediately – and this can be all hours of the day and night. Sometimes we will launch a property at 10pm and sure enough at 10.05pm we have email enquiries start.

I also know from experience – when I was in the market to buy, that’s exactly what I did, I lived and breathed the market until I had purchased.

So, what makes winter so special if you’re thinking of selling?  Well most people think Spring is the best time so they all wait until then and them bam – a whole lot of stock hits the market, thereby giving buyers choice. With choice comes less competition and with less competition there is less sense of urgency and this in turn will affect the price.

Buyers still need to buy, no matter what the season and winter generally sees less stock and we find buyer enquiry increases as they are sourcing out stock. Over the past month we have seen an increase in buyer contact asking us when we are launching new property and are there any we have off market.

Genuine buyers will attend your inspections rail, hail or shine. So, whilst numbers may seem lower we are dealing with quality buyers who are in the market to buy now! Neighbours normally stay under the doona! Additionally, if you happen to have awesome heating this can work wonders for that emotional tug with buyer. Walking in from a cold day to an open fire, or just a lovely warm home can make buyers feel cosy and welcome.

If you are thinking of selling in the next few months, I’d recommend trying to get in before the spring rush. Justin and I are always available to come out and help to advise what you need to do to present your home for the best possible outcome so give us a call and we can have a chat.

We are so passionate about what we do, providing an incredible selling experience and with a 94% sales success rate in the current market we can let you in on how and why we get such incredible results!


Liz – 0411 434 696

Justin – 0405 537 760

Office – 8188 8989

Email – hello@wigginskeenan.com.au

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