We officially launched WigginsKeenan on Friday 8th July and there were several reasons why.

Due to my background in Feng Shui, date selection is really important to me and is something I try and incorporate into major events that happen in my life if possible. An example of this was when I was buying the land and building our house. We signed and exchanged contracts on an auspicious date for both the sale of the land and also the signing of the building agreement. We then “broke ground” on another auspicious date… so what does this mean? Put simply it indicates that the road will be smoother. Our house took 7 months from start to finish and really was extremely pain free – was it due to my date selection and the fact that the house has awesome Feng Shui?

Who knows, but after 13 years of consulting I know Feng Shui has an impact so why not use it? I have been in our new home for the past 16 months and it has been absolutely incredible. What Feng Shui does is invites opportunities into your home or workplace but untimely it’s up to you to take advantage of those opportunities. .

A few interesting examples since moving in. My 16year old daughter loves singing and whilst we didn’t actually think she could sing I wanted to place her in an energy that supported her success and promotion in the arts. In October 2015 (5mths after we moved in) she asked if she could audition for The Voice – honestly, we didn’t think much of it and left it up to her. Amazingly she got a call back and over the months ended up progressing through to the Top 12 of the Voice 2016.

In relation to the home’s ability to support finances, it has done just that and my sales volume doubled since moving. Many other fabulous things have happened since moving in the our home built incorporating Feng Shui principles and whilst life is not always beer and skittles we have had many positive opportunities to improve our health, wealth and relationships.

So back to WigginsKeenan – for the launch of our business we had to choose a date that supported “commencing a business” and that just happened to be Friday 8th of July 2016. This is determined by using the Tong Shu calendar. You can also go into further detail by taking into account the persons birth data, but generally speaking I find just looking at the Tong Shui will give me good luck days and then days to avoid certain activities.

I must admit I am also superstitious by nature so the fact that Friday is my lucky day and 8 is my lucky number, all in all it was a trifecta.

When selling houses I try and incorporate the Tong Shui as much as possible, it’s not a perfect world so sometimes we can’t sign a contract or have an auction on an auspicious date, but we work with what we have and give options to our clients – ultimately the choice is there’s to make. We are there to facilitate, negotiate and congratulate!

Both Justin and I are super proud of the brand we have created and our aim is for you to tell everyone you know how amazing your experience was with WigginsKeenan, so we will do everything in our power to make that happen! We hold a passionate and absolute belief that the customer and their needs comes first. Without you, we cannot succeed! Real Estate is not just about buying and selling houses, it’s about people and relationships and that is why at WigginsKeenan it’s not about us – it’s all about you.

We look forward to talking and meeting with you and if you ever need some advice or just want to talk real estate contact us anytime.

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